Friday, July 5, 2013


hey guys it has been a while since my last update I think it was sometime last year, that's sad but anyway you all would not believe the changes that  have taken place since then. I must say my skills and being a lot more comfortable doing things no has really made me come up with better looking scenes I would or could  consider to be show worthy even but i've even been doing a lot of weathering and even skills there have improved 100 % which is saying a lot but anyway guys I have some pictures to upload later just wanted everyone to know I did not for get about this blog thanks and stay tuned for some what I would say awesome scenes. and please check out my youtube channel to see the scenery for what was to what is now bdrastal.

Friday, March 9, 2012


its been a long time since my last update but i figure i would post some new photos and new scenes on the layouts. as well as scenery i have been working on the locmotives weathering and adding details to ill will post all of the loco projects later in a seprate update. here is suburban propane this seen has taken alot of time i had to build to bobtail tank trucks and boom trucks since i work for suburban i wanted it ti be just right if you would like details on the build of this plant let me know and i can give you a play by play on the whole design and of the plans . 
 here is the latest farm and river scene on the over on the left side this scene was a very simple one comprised of foam base earth paint and grond cover only thing left is more cows and static grass. to complete the scene. here is the lastest loco project central vermont Gp9 4935 which is a proto 2000 model the has been dummied because of motor problems. na done scene that is almost done the foam based road and dirt road that runs to the maine road this was really just a thought i had one night when i couldnt sleep and it thurned out to be a good idea but thats is it for this update i will post more about the locomotives projects such as LVRC MEC and Cp rail im just waiting for cp rail c424 to com in from canada

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


i have been super busy with everything ive also been putting the most amount of time i can into the layout. but i have start a few new projects such as CV power NECR power LVRC and guilford power.  so lets start off with LVRC i have finished 7801 and almost done with 7802 and now starting 7803 which will be a chop nosed engine. i have also got two new locomotives a guilford gp40-2w # 512 pluse a NECR gp38 # 9537 i have one with exact same number but will be i will change it to 9538. and cv i am woring on one gp9 then two sw1200s and below the pictures.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

recent trip to vermont and mass to see NECR VTR AMTRAK CN CLARMONT AND CONCORD

 VTR 202 headed to interchange with NECR white river JCT.
 NECR units in disrepair line at st albans.
 NECR 611 swithcing out its north bound load.
 amtrak bond south for new haven
 first south bound on sunday night used by FEC power from rail america.
 the engine up close of NECR
NECR with lease power due southbound here going back in the yard to hook up to its load of 27 cars.


Its been a while since my last update but i wanted to share my latest project of putting telophone poles. first off i got some pole kits they  were about 20 dollars but these are for R.R lines to there extal long. so i start by cutting the pole in half and saving both sides. there are three seta of cross bars that hold the wire most poles only have one so u take the other two off and u have doulbe the amount of poles. then dill a hole half way down in plywood of foam and a idea i recently started using was locomotive filler it pretty cheap and u only need a little bit to hold it down. last step get somw EZ wire and install with some crazy glue.

this is them halfway installed

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

some updates

 LVRC 7801 heading out of morrisville VT. to ST. ALBANS
 suburban propane added outside of portland maine guilford will control this company
 poles added to forest scene on guilford just outside of potland
 other view i like the woodland scienic trees for this becuse if you had to you can take  the tops of the trees off
guilfords ex D&H unit and B&M crossing route 78 outside of st. johnsbury vt.

Monday, January 17, 2011


 newly finished LVRC 7801 this unit i will not have a plow on. this will be used for the passenger train.
 here LVRC 7801 pulls there passenger train thought east hardwaick
 here you see the one of two new passenger cars to the left and and an older car i posted a quick discrtion on a few months ago.
 here LVRC 7801 and 7804 pulling in to morrisville vermont with train CV-2 from st. Albans VT.
 heres a closer look at 7801
 heres a look at the almost finished commerical streat here you can see guilford portland local PT.411 moving down to the GT interchange for a hot car pick up.
 front view of train 411 heading back to rigby yard.
and side view of the local.